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Our Frequently
Asked Questions

Why should I use Naomy?

Naomy allows you to monetize your download traffic and diversify your income. On average, our smartly selected ads perform significantly better than comparable offers without desktop, download and/or software specialization. Thanks to Naomy, you can always present your users with truly engaging offers.

How can I benefit from the network’s advantages?

Contact us to become a member. Once you are part of the network as a publisher, you can get started right away: Use our tools to generate your personal ad codes and monetize your download content. Advertisers should also contact us first and present their company and their campaign. Together we will find a solution that is profitable for all parties.

Which ad formats do you support?

We will always try to find the ad format that best fits offer, content and traffic. This can be in the shape of a classic, flexible affiliate link, but also a download manager, locker or software bundle. Which option promises the best conversion rates is decided on a case-by-case basis.

Does Naomy also support mobile devices and app installations?

No, Naomy specializes in desktop download traffic and desktop software. Mobile operating systems and corresponding apps are not supported.

What kind of content and behavior is allowed?

No illegal or fraudulent websites, no fake traffic, no fake installations. Restrictions and laws are dependent on our country of operation. In case of violation, affected accounts will be blocked.

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