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Get in contact with us. Tell us about your project and your goals. Content diversity is appreciated — it is your passion that we are looking for. Still, we are always interested in acquiring partners with a proven track record of reliable, high-volume download traffic.

2. Generate Links

Use our dashboard to generate your individual PPI links. Our support is glad to help you choose the right ad format. Together, we arrange offers in such a way that they achieve the highest possible conversion rates.

3. Monetize Traffic

Integrate your individual PPI links into your content and start earning from the first installation onward. Thanks to our tier system, every genuine installation is profitable.

Our publishers benefit from above-average compensation rates and receive the best offers for every use case.

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Our advertisers reach their target group on all relevant channels with high cost efficiency and accuracy.

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1. Become a Member

Naomy stands for reliable, lucrative advertising partnerships. Our advertisers market selected software solutions that offer real value for their users. Contact us if your software is the right fit for us.

2. Create Campaigns

We find the right ad format and publishers for each product. Define specific targets and use our tools to create the optimal campaign. Feel free to contact our support team for assistance.

3. Reach Target Audience

Thanks to our extensively distributed traffic, we reach every age group, all genders and interest groups. Naomy will reliably and significantly boost your installation numbers.

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