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Earn up to 3 Euros for Every Installation — Around the Clock, on a Global Scale!

Naomy brokers long-term premium partnerships that are worthwhile for all parties involved. Publishers benefit from above-average compensation rates that stand out in a competitive market. Advertisers enjoy extensive reach and guaranteed genuine installations. All the while, our constantly recalibrated compensation system ensures that we always maintain the necessary balance.

Payment is made reliably and on time once a month. Withdrawal is possible from a minimum balance of 100 Euros. In consultation with our support, you can decide on an individual schedule and optimal payment channel.

Our own anti-fraud system protects us and our partners from erroneous data. A sophisticated tracking system that has been continually improved upon for many years helps distinguish genuine installations from fraudulent ones. Long-term successful advertising partnerships are based on trust and complete transparency. The more reliable the data, the greater the return for all parties involved. Thanks to our anti-fraud system, our advertisers can be sure that every penny is being spent wisely. And our publishers benefit from their hard-earned reach being fairly remunerated in each and every case.

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Tier System

Our tier system is divided into 3 levels (T1, T2 and T3) and corresponds to standardized compensation models from the advertising industry.

Wealthy users are at home in T1 countries such as the USA, Germany and the United Kingdom. Here, every unique installation is worth up to 3 Euros. However, the level of competition is correspondingly high.

T2 countries are mostly economically aspiring nations. These countries offer many opportunities for acquiring new customers. The remuneration is somewhat lower than in T1 countries, however.

Users in T3 countries have less disposable income. Installations in these regions of the world therefore have a lower value. The level of competition is significantly lower, though.

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